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The Importance of Hydrating Your Protective Styles

Now as the season begin to heat up and school ends for another term we are all looking forward to enjoying some fun in the sun. However, what many will forget this summer as we lock our hair up in protective styles fit for vacations and entertainment, is that our hair needs hydration.

We tend to forget that our hair is a living garden that requires nourishment and hydration in order to keep it growing and healthy. In order to keep our hair truly protected why rock our cornrows, twist, and even our micro braids we must not neglect the ground rules of healthy hair growth. Moisture, Moisture, and more moisture. Optimal hair growth is attained when the hair is not dry and breaking does not occur. If your hair is in a protective style longer than 2-3 weeks at a time, the amount of moisture that your scalp is being denied is increasing as the days go by.

To combat the hair and scalp from drying out while your hair is in a protective style add oils and rice water to your hair care. The usage of these ingredients can add nourishment to your scalp and increase hair and moisture retention. Get out and enjoy the sun but don't forget to hydrate your hair no matter what style you choose to rock for the summer.


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